How to Make Fat Bombs | Ketogenic Diet

Delicious ketogenic diet dessert that gets you a sweet tasting treat without the carbs. Fit this into your paleo, ketogenic, or regular low carb diet for a taste snack treat when you are wanting a sweet replacement.



Steel vs Aluminum – Trek FX3 for touring

It’s an age old discussion of steel vs. aluminum.  I commented on one forum the only thing worse are sailors debating about anchors!  There are loads of internet experts that are willing to tell you which is best, but today, we have a discussion about how I see the differences and the benefits.  You’ll get my advice on which to choose and why.  Hope you enjoy.


Seaward 25 Winter Haul Out

Well, it’s that time of year to pull the boat out of the water.  At times I have left the boat in the water as our marina does install bubbler’s around the dock to keep the water from freezing, however, I always feel better when I can pull it out and give it a chance to dry out over the winter.  Not to mention that I think I’ll do some bottom painting/work next spring.  It was a cold, rainy, and gray day out, but we just enjoyed doing some work around the boat.  Hope you’ll have a watch of our video below 🙂