Creative Block? Here’s a tip.

Have you ever had one of those creative blocks? I had one yesterday. Nothing seemed to come together. No matter what I did or tried to create, it just seemed like nothing would come out of it. Hey, that’s ok! Sometimes the harder you try, the worse it gets and all you really need to do is relax, take a breather, and change your perspective a bit and just like that, it will all come through. Hope you enjoy.


Youtube Killing Small Creators | dTube and Steemit

Youtube continues it’s process of killing off the very thing that made it what it is today. This video is all about my recent frustrations with their process of demonetization on my own channel. I guarantee you this video will be demonetized as well.


How to Make Fat Bombs | Ketogenic Diet

Delicious ketogenic diet dessert that gets you a sweet tasting treat without the carbs. Fit this into your paleo, ketogenic, or regular low carb diet for a taste snack treat when you are wanting a sweet replacement.



Cycling Hydration

I discuss cycling hydration and how the sugary drinks just don’t work for me. We have a look at Nuun Hydration tablets and how they taste and work for me.

Nuun Hydration Tablets –



Smoked Turkey on a Weber Grill

Ever wondered if you can smoke or grill a turkey on a Weber grill? Me too! So I did it and it was fantastic! Not only a juicy, delicious turkey, but it went quickly as well. I was super surprised to see the 14 pound turkey smoked up in about 2 1/2 hours.

Hope you enjoy this one:



Cycling Hiking Rain Jacket from Columbia Sportswear

Today we take a look at the Columbia Sportswear Rain jacket. It’s light, packs into its own pocket, and does a good job of keeping rain and wind out. Made from Nylon, with some nice bright colors for those who are biking or hiking. Here is a link to the jacket:



Bike Touring Gear – Darn Tough Socks

Socks! Can’t believe I’m talking about socks but I’m in love with these and you absolutely need to check Darn Tough socks out. Link: