Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour

If you are aware of my recent tire woes, you know I had a breakdown on my Bontrager H5 tires.  It looked as if I had perhaps hit a rock or edge that had just simply broken down the center core of the tire tread area.  Unlike many other tire maladies such as punctured side wall and the regular issue of flats, etc it made the tire have a real interesting warp in it, haha.

As a result, I got online and placed an order for some Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour tires. Once they arrived, I took to putting them on the bike and made a short video to show that even if you aren’t a seasoned/skilled bike mechanic, with just the basics, you can easily put tires on your ride.  Piece of cake 🙂


Salsa Anything Cage HD and Gorilla Clips

Salsa Anything Cage HD and Gorilla Clips on the Trek FX 3.

Gorilla Clip –

Note I did have to buy some new cap screws. I needed two that were longer to go into the factory rack location, then 4 that were shorter. After your remove the plastic covers and get the anything cage in place, you’ll see they need to be adjusted in length. I just went down to my local hardware store, found some metric stainless cap screws and the length I needed. Total cost for the stainless cap screws was a couple of dollars.