Natchez Trace Cycle Tour – Part 4

The final leg of the Natchez Trace cycle tour and our return trip from Natchez to Jackson as we make a stop in Rocky Springs again. This time the weather was much better, and the ride went smooth! We stop off for some southern fried chicken as we made our way back home. Thanks for following along!



Natchez Trace Cycle Tour – Part 3

We tucked into a hotel to avoid severe thunderstorms and prepare for some colder than expected camping. In this episode, we are biking back out to the State park campground to spend the evening and get head start on the trip back. Along the way, we stopped off at a local restaurant to have some local fare and then it was back in the saddle to beat a rain shower. Hope you enjoy the video today!


Natchez Trace Cycle Tour – Part 2

Day 2 we wake and ride from Rocky Spring camp ground to the Natchez State Park to spend the night. We were so dog tired by the time we got there, we crashed early and I awoke feeling like I had a hang over, haha. We awoke and rode 14 miles into the city of Natchez to get a hotel, resupply at Walmart, and ride out a nasty set of thunderstorms entering the area. Hope you enjoy the part 2 video 🙂


Bike Tour to Natchez Trace – Leaving Out

We load up the bikes in part 1 of this series and make the drive down to Jackson, MS. Along the way, we stop in Sikeston, MO and have some ribs at Dexter BBQ, then in Memphis we hit up Charlie Vergo’s Rendezvous for a rib comparison as well as the historic Sun Studio. We finally make it to Jackson, MS just before a thunderstorm hits and get a room to get the bikes setup and ready for day 1 tomorrow.


Creative Block? Here’s a tip.

Have you ever had one of those creative blocks? I had one yesterday. Nothing seemed to come together. No matter what I did or tried to create, it just seemed like nothing would come out of it. Hey, that’s ok! Sometimes the harder you try, the worse it gets and all you really need to do is relax, take a breather, and change your perspective a bit and just like that, it will all come through. Hope you enjoy.